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1D - In Game 1D uses just one dimension to create an incredible simple yet complex game.
Release Dates:
v1.0 (iPhone OS 3.1): April 1st 2011
v1.1 (iPhone OS 3.1): July 1st 2011
v1.2 (iPhone OS 3.1): April 1st 2012
v1.3 (iPhone OS 4.3): November 1st 2012
v1.4 (iPhone OS 4.3): April 1st 2013
v1.5 (iPhone OS 4.3): November 1st 2013
v1.5.3 (iPhone OS 8.0): January 1st 2019
1D - Main Menu


Starship: Collector - Menu Starship: Collector is the unofficial sequel to Puppy Love and is being made for the iPhone OS platform.
Release Dates:
v1.0 (iPhone OS 3.1): January 31st 2011
v1.0.4 (iPhone OS 3.1): March 22nd 2012
v1.1 (iPhone OS 3.1): July 21st 2012
v1.1.1 (iPhone OS 4.3): January 31st 2013
v1.2 (iPhone OS 4.3): September 18th 2013
v1.2.1 (iPhone OS 6.0): May 5th 2014
v1.3 (iPhone OS 6.0): August 7th 2015
Starship: Collector - In game

Puppy Love

Menu Puppy love is a simple to play but hard to master puzzle game. The best reference I can think of for describing the game is Tetris Attack + Polarium = Puppy Love Polarium (A game on the DS) seems pretty similar with the movement on the grid, but it really had no influence on the game itself. I had already come up with all the game play before I found out about this game. The game that had the biggest influence was actually Legend of Zelda: Link's Awaking for its pushing block and filling the hole puzzles in one or two of the dungeons.
Release Dates:
Flash Version: Available (Since July 2005)
Published PC Version: Available (Since September 2006)

Kindle Games

  Okay the only game I have available for the kindle is just a simple webpage based game of solitaire. Yes you can probably play this game in any browser with JavaScript support and you can defiantly find much better versions to play on the internet. However, this version was specifically built with the Kindle 2's web browser in mind when most of the other solitaire games out there will not work on the device.
Release Dates:
Solitaire: Available (Since August 2009)


Terminal D.A. is the code name for one of my game projects. The game is going to be a turn based card battle RPG. That is all that I will say about it for right now. The game has been on the shelf for over a year now, but I am ready to take it down and start working on it again. I have also noted the desire to make another D.A. (D.A. Tactical Battle) game after I finish D.A.
Release Dates:

Balance of Power

Title The game was going to be a Flash RPG with an unique battle system. However, I have now canceled the game, but the site still has information on the story of the game/universe.
Release Dates:
Flash Version: Cancelled
In Game


  I thought up this game idea in the summer of 2004, and made a Java prototype for it before it went on the shelf. However, at the end of July 2009 the idea came back and thinking about the iPhone/iPod Touch the controls seem to fit really well with what I can do on the device.
Release Dates:


  I don't want to say that much about this game yet, except this. The game is an adventure puzzle game which could be thought of a sequel to a game I made for DOS using Pascal when I was getting ready to try to get into DigiPen.
Release Dates:

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