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I have finished a few more sprints for my different game projects. However, I am currently in a holding pattern due to not having enough free time to dedicate to starting my next sprint for my "Adventure Prototype".

While my work extended passed my extended break, I was able to finish my frist full version of my rebooted "Adventure Prototype". I have now moved onto a new sprint for my "Platformer Prototype".

I was able to bank a lot of time off of work for use at the end of the year. With my extended break I finally had a lot more free time and focused on my "Adventure Prototype". Things went well during the planned sprint so I decided to do another, which I finished in a week. Now I am planning to start a third sprint of my "Adventure Prototype" with a possible forth following that so that I can reach the 0.1.0 version of the prototype before I move onto a sprint for my "Platformer Prototype".

Lately it has been hard to find the free time I need to work on my projects. However, I am stil making progress on my projects. For example I have just finished a new sprint for my G.K. game after completely a "Adventure Prototype" sprint.

I am still working on one project sprint at a time. I have recently completed two sprints for my G.K. game and I am currently working on a sprint for my "Vision Game". Once I have finished with my current "Vision" sprint, I plan to work on a new sprint my redesigned/reworked "Adventure Prototype" game.

After reworking my G.K. game and going through 7 sprints of development, I basically have the game in the same state that the original design had after multiple years of development. I have just started a similar redesign/rework of my "Adventure Prototype" game, but I just started that on Thursday. I am planning to continue development on my other games instead of focusing on a single game like I did for the initial push of the G.K. rework.

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